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inWidget Profixied

Free Instagram widget for your website, without OAuth and expiring tokens. Working in 2021.

This solution uses solution under the hood and requires API subscription, but Free plan is enough for 1 website.

Github link:

Demo widgets:


Without toolbar:



<iframe src='/inwidget/index.php?color=3423c1' scrolling='no' frameborder='no' style='border:none;width:260px;height:330px;overflow:hidden;'></iframe>

Large previews, 3 pics in a row, no toolbar:


<iframe src='/inwidget/index.php?width=800&inline=3&view=9&toolbar=false&preview=large' data-inwidget scrolling='no' frameborder='no' style='border:none;width:800px;height:850px;overflow:hidden;'></iframe>

Adaptive (dynamic 100% width):


<iframe src='/inwidget/index.php?adaptive=true&preview=large&inline=4' data-inwidget scrolling='no' frameborder='no' ></iframe>

Installation Instructions:

Available on GitHub


This is a fork of an archived project and this solution fixes the main issue of the parent project — it is very problematic to achieve stable Instagram API access from datacenter ip ranges. This fork tries to mitigate the issue by using RapidAPI smart proxy solution which seems to work fine, for months, and does not require neither Instagram Developer account, nor your Instagram password, nor oAuth API access. The fork also provides cleaner default skin, and configurable primary widget color without need to edit CSS.